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Research stay grant for interdisciplinary training in neuroscience

Convocatoria abierta
Fecha apertura solicitudes

3 de abril de 2024 a las 00:00h.

Fecha cierre solicitudes

1 de junio de 2024 a las 23:59h.

Fecha resolución solicitudes

1 de julio de 2024 a las 12:00h.



The Tatiana Foundation, through its International Centre for Neuroscience and Ethics (CINET), announces this call to fund a research stay at a public or private international institution (or, in the case of applicants who are nationals of any Member State of the European Union other than Spain, a Spanish institution) of maximum academic prestige. It is aimed at researchers with a PhD who want to enhance their interdisciplinary training in neuroscience and other fields of study (e.g., human biology, bioethics, psychology, philosophy, physics or history). Theoretical or empirical projects that propose a genuine dialogue between two or more of these disciplines will be considered to improve the understanding of the brain, overcome monodisciplinary paradigms, propose original answers to the mind-brain problem, discuss and anticipate the main ethical challenges of neuroscience, and deal with specific issues generally present in interdisciplinary forums, such as consciousness, subjectivity and free will.

Profile of applicants

  • The grant will be awarded to persons who have obtained a doctorate, regardless of the date. Interdisciplinary profiles will be especially valued, although applicants who, having trained only in one discipline (for example, neuroscience or philosophy), want to conduct a research stay to deepen their understanding of a complementary field of knowledge (philosophy or neuroscience, in this case) are also eligible.
  • The call is open to people of any age who are citizens of a Member State of the European Union and who propose to join a Spanish institution (in the case of non-Spanish European applicants) or an institution of another country in the world (in the case of Spanish applicants).
  • The applicant must have been admitted or made a firm offer to be admitted to a university or research center for the requested period.


The period for the research stay begins on September 1, 2024 and ends on December 31, 2025.


The grant amount includes:

  • A gross annual allowance of €40,000, payable monthly.
  • Travel expenses of a maximum of €1,200.
  • Illness and accident insurance paid by the Foundation (not extendable to any family mem- bers who may accompany the beneficiary during their stay abroad).
  • Annual family support of €1,200 for each minor dependent child.
  • Additional financial aid of €4,000, which the grant holder may use to cover installation, attendance and registration expenses at congresses during the period of receiving the grant, or open-access publishing expenses (in this case, for up to 6 months after the end of the grant period). These expenses must be justified in the final report that the beneficiary submits to the Foundation at the end of the grant period.
  • The Foundation will pay the monthly instalments and the rest of the financial aid to the grant beneficiary. For that purpose, the beneficiary will provide a bank certificate of the beneficiary’s account, into which the Foundation must make the deposits.
  • In compliance with current tax regulations, the corresponding withholding will be applied to all amounts that constitute the grant amount.
  • Payment of the travel expenses requires previous presentation and documentary confirmation to CINET of the original invoices and of any other documentation that is considered necessary. The amount of justified costs may not exceed the maximum amount granted.
  • Any additional contribution the applicant receives must be declared to CINET, which will determine the complementarity of the extra aid.
  • The Grants are awarded exclusively for carrying out a research stay at an international academic institution, so they do not fall in the scope of Royal Decree 63/2006 of January 27, which approves the Statute for Research Staff in Training, nor in the scope of Royal Decree 1493/2011 of October 24, which regulates the terms and conditions of inclusion in the General Social Security Regime of people who participate in training programmes. Beneficiaries who are nationals of a Member State of the European Union other than Spain and who carry out their research stay in a Spanish institution are also outside the scope of application of the above regulations.


Receipt of this grant is incompatible with the receipt of other grants or public or private financial aid for the same purpose and period.

This scholarship is also incompatible with contractual or statutory commitments that prevent exclusive dedication to research.



The applicant must submit the following documentation in a single PDF, in Spanish or English:

  • Application form.
  • Short curriculum (maximum four pages), particularly emphasizing interdisciplinary training or interest.
  • Complete academic record. Photocopy of doctoral degree.
  • Summary of the applicant’s research career and interests (maximum 500 words).
  • Summary of the research project (maximum 500 words).
  • A project report (maximum five pages) specifying the context, objectives, methodology, work plan and calendar, and the stay’s contribution to the applicant’s interdisciplinary training and the research topic.
  • Any one of the following three documents from the receiving institution: 1) a letter of recommendation from the supervising researcher at the receiving institution; 2) a letter of admission (or «invitation») from the supervising researcher or their department; 3) an admission commitment (or «invitation») from the receiving university or research center for the requested period.

Submission deadline

The application must be sent in a single PDF to the email, completing the form downloadable from the website (, and attaching all the information requested in the previous section.

The application submission deadline is 11:59 p.m on 1 June 2024. No application with incomplete documentation or that is submitted after this deadline will be accepted.

CINET may require the applicant to provide any original or certified documents that it deems appropriate related to the information contained in the application, as well as two academic references who can be consulted about the applicant from an academic or professional point of view.

Evaluation of applications

Applications will be evaluated in the first phase by a Committee appointed by the CINET Board of Directors. This Committee will comprise members of the Board itself, members of the Center’s Advisory Council, or ad hoc international experts designated by the Board. The evaluation criteria will be the following:

  • Contribution of the stay to the interdisciplinary training of the applicant (30%)
  • Relevance and interest of the project (30%)
  • Applicant’s curriculum, weighted according to the applicant’s years of experience (20%)
  • International prestige of the receiving institution and career of the supervising researcher at the receiving institution (20%). Candidates who pass this phase will be called for a personal interview, which will be carried out in the manner, place, day, and time established by the Foundation. Members of the CINET Board of Directors will be present, and the candidate who best suits CINET’s purposes will be selected from among the candidates who obtain the highest score. Substitutes may be designated to cover the case of the person chosen forgoing the awarded grant.

The beneficiary of the grant will be announced by 1 July 2024.