In Foreign Universities or Institutions

Interdisciplinary Training in Neuroscience and Related Areas

Convocatoria cerrada
Application opening date

3 de January de 2022 a las 00:00h.

Application closing date

1 de May de 2022 a las 00:00h.

Resolution of applications

5 de July de 2022 a las 12:00h.

The International Centre for Neuroscience and Ethics (CINET), created by the Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation, is offering a grant to carry out a research stay in an international institution of the highest academic prestige. It is aimed at PhD researchers who wish to enhance their interdisciplinary training in neuroscience and other fields of knowledge (human biology, bioethics, psychology, philosophy, physics or history, for example). Theoretical or empirical projects will be considered if they propose a true dialogue between two or more of these disciplines, with the aim of improving the understanding of the brain, overcoming monodisciplinary paradigms, proposing original answers to the mind-brain problem, discussing and anticipating the main ethical challenges of neuroscience, or dealing with specific topics usually present in interdisciplinary forums, such as consciousness, subjectivity or free will.

The Fellowship is aimed at a natural person who has obtained a PhD degree, regardless of the date on which they obtained it. Interdisciplinary profiles will be particularly valued, although consideration will also be given to those applicants who, having trained in only one discipline (for example, neuroscience or philosophy), wish to undertake a stay to study a complementary field of knowledge in depth (philosophy or neuroscience, in this case).

The call is open to people of any age and nationality who propose to join during the duration of the grant:

  • To a Spanish institution, if they have been resident abroad for the last two years or more.
  • Or to an institution in another country in the world, in the case of applicants resident in Spain at the time of applying for the grant.

The grant will be awarded for 12 months.