José Manuel Muñoz

José Manuel Muñoz is currently a research fellow at the Gordon Center for Medical Imaging in Harvard University. He works as a neuroethics researcher at the University of Navarra and the International Center for Neuroscience and Ethics (CINET) of the Tatiana Foundation. His current research focuses on studying the ethical implications of human neuroimaging methodologies as well as multi-omics. He has served as a professor in the Department of Psychology at the European University of Valencia (2018-2021) and as a visiting researcher at the National Institute of Criminal Sciences in Mexico (2019). He holds a Ph.D. in Logic, History, and Philosophy of Science from UNED (2016) and a degree in Biology from the University of Valencia (2006). He is a visiting professor at the Latin American Observatory on Human Rights and Business at the Externado University of Colombia. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Frontiers in Psychology in its section on Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, and is a board member of the Mexican Association of Neuroethics (AMNE). He is also a member of the International Society of Neuroethics (INS).


Moises Pérez Marcos

Dr. Moisés Pérez Marcos was born in Benavides de Órbigo, León. He joined the Dominican Order in 2009 and was ordained as a priest in 2014. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Valladolid in 2004 and his Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the Pontifical Faculty of Theology “San Esteban” in Salamanca in 2014. He also earned his Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Valladolid in 2016 with a thesis entitled “Exposition and Critique of the Basic Theses of Naturalistic Cosmovision.” Dr. Pérez Marcos has taught as a professor of Medieval Philosophy at the Agustinian Theological Study in Valladolid and currently teaches Philosophy of Language and Hermeneutics at the Faculty of Theology San Vicente Ferrer in Valencia. He is also the Regent of Studies for the Hispania Province of the Dominicans. Dr. Pérez Marcos has published several works, including articles in Estudios Filosóficos y Cultura Religiosa, Scripta Philosophica, Ciencia Tomista, Naturaleza y Libertad, and Acontecimiento.


Robert Chis-Ciure

Robert Chis-Ciure is a philosopher with a keen interest in consciousness, ethics, and neuroscience. He is currently a neuroscience postdoctoral fellow at the University of Valladolid, where he is supported by a scholarship from the International Centre for Neuroscience and Ethics (CINET). Dr. Chis-Ciure earned his PhD from the University of Bucharest in 2022, where he researched the relationship between consciousness and ethics. During his doctoral studies, he was awarded a visiting PhD Fulbright fellowship, which enabled him to conduct research at the Center for Sleep and Consciousness at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Chis-Ciure’s research has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Consciousness Studies and the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy. He has also presented his work at numerous conferences and symposia around the world, including the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the Society for Philosophy and Psychology.